Ferrell-Ross Industrial Roller Mills are available in one pair high and two pair high and many models are available in three pair high configurations for fine grinding as one would expect for dairy feed rations.  Ferrell-Ross Industrial Roller Mills feature heavy-duty construction and a variety of options to meet the demands of high capacity 24/7 continuous operation.  Attesting to their durability, many Ferrell-Ross Industrial Roller Mills have been in continuous operation for over 50 years. 

Ferrell-Ross Industrial Roller Mills and Ferrell-Ross Model-M Roller Mills feature 10-inch (254 mm) diameter rolls in widths of:

·       6-inch (152.4 mm)

·       12-inch (304.8 mm)

·       18-inch (457.2 mm)

·       24-inch (609.6 mm)

·       30-inch (762.0 mm)

·       36-inch (914.4 mm)

·       42-inch (1066.8 mm)


High capacity Ferrell-Ross 12X52 Industrial Roller Mills feature 12-inch (304.8 mm) diameter X 52-inch (1320.8 mm) wide rolls.  Ferrell-Ross 12X52 Industrial Roller Mills are available in one pair high, two pair high and three pair high configurations. 


Ferrell-Ross Model-M Roller Mills are available in 10-inch diameter and in one pair high and two pair high configurations.


All Ferrell-Ross Roller Mills feature solid, Chilled Cast-Iron Rolls with a rolling surface hardness of 50-54 Rockwell C for long roll life and roll corrugation (fluting) life.

Regency Mill Services is an authorized dealer for quality equipment manufactured in the U.S.A. by the A.T. Ferrell Company including Ferrell-Ross, Clipper, and Mix-Mill brands.